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  • 08 Apr 2018 11:15 AM | Christine R Henry (Administrator)

    VAF member Robert Mellin has been named to the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador for his design, research, and heritage conservation work in the province. 

    Private residence in Middle Arm, Newfoundland. Photo courtesy of Robert Mellin

    In January 2018 he received a Lt. Governor’s award for his design of a private residence in Middle Arm, Newfoundland. 

    He is currently working on the restoration of the the Ned Keough homestead in Calvert, Newfoundland (image below), a house featured in Professor Gerald L. Pocius’s book A Place to Belong: Community Order and Everyday Space in Calvert, Newfoundland.Restoration of the Keough Homestead in Calvert, Newfoundland a new addition for a studiobedroom was added to the east side of the house, painted with the red ochre colour typically used for outbuildings. Photo courtesy of Robert Mellin

  • 08 Apr 2018 11:10 AM | Christine R Henry (Administrator)

    Charles S. Keefe was an important Colonial Revival architect of the early 20th century specializing in middle-class houses and outbuildings on upper-class estates. His designs received wide publication in professional journals and popular magazines, but since his death in 1946 he has fallen into obscurity. In CHARLES S. KEEFE (1876-1946) COLONIAL REVIVAL ARCHITECT IN KINGSTON AND NEW YORK, William Rhoads, a leading scholar of the Colonial Revival, restores Keefe to his rightful place among tradition-minded architects who were dismayed by the rise of modernism. This richly illustrated volume gives a full and colorful account of Keefe's professional and personal life.

    Charles S. Keefe (1876–1946): Colonial Revival Architect in Kingston and New York, by William Bertolet Rhoads, foreword by Richard Guy Wilson, 8ʹ x 10ʹ, 266 pages, 133 illustrations (color and B&W), trade paper: isbn 9781883789893, cloth: isbn 9781883789909

  • 08 Apr 2018 11:05 AM | Christine R Henry (Administrator)

    Kingston Wm. Heath, Professor and Director Emeritus of the graduate program in Historic Preservation at the University of Oregon has had his article, "Towards a Humanist Approach to Historic Preservation," accepted for the forthcoming special edition on Folklore and Preservation in the Journal of American Folklore. 

  • 08 Apr 2018 11:03 AM | Christine R Henry (Administrator)

    VAF member Henry K. Sharp publishes book on the industrial revolution in Maryland. 

    Most architectural historians who have addressed the inception and development of the Industrial Revolution in America trace its beginnings to Samuel Slater‘s 1793 cotton-thread mill, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  Yet the unsung history of another place, Maryland's Patapsco River Valley, offers an alternate narrative.  The Chesapeake region’s transition from tobacco cultivation to wheat brought about a significant regional transformation in architecture.  Beginning in the mid-eighteenth century, a generation before Slater’s own ground-breaking accomplishment, large-scale production and international marketing of flour propelled Baltimore from a backwater village to a ramifying city.  The most extensive of the merchant milling communities forming an industrial corona around this rapidly urbanizing port was Ellicotts’ Mills, founded by the Quaker Ellicott brothers in 1771.  This book highlights the Ellicotts’ story, and situates their prescient conception of a factory town in historical context.  In so doing, Dr. Sharp offers us a more complete and nuanced understanding of the architecture of America's industrialization.

    Henry K. Sharp, America’s First Factory Town: the Industrial Revolution in Maryland’s Patapsco River Valley (Baltimore:  Chesapeake Book Company, 2017).

  • 08 Apr 2018 11:00 AM | Christine R Henry (Administrator)

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