VAF Committees, 2021-2022

James M. Buckley, President
Andrew Sandoval-Strausz, 1st Vice President
Catherine Lavoie, 2nd Vice President
Paula Mohr, Secretary
Claudia Brown, Treasurer
David Bergstone, Web Administrator
Laura Driemeyer, Archivist


Conferences Committee

Catherine Lavoie, 2nd Vice President, Chair

Michelle Jones, Conference Coordinator
Ken Halfertefe & Brent Fortenberry, San Antonio 2022
Ritchie Garrison, Plymouth 2023
Lisa Davidson, Plymouth Conference Visitor
Sarah Scarlett, Keweenaw MI 2024

Conference Papers Committee 
Alec Stewart, Chair
Phil Gruen
Willa Granger
Conference Fellowships Committee (Simpson, Ambassadors, and Access)
Marcia Miller, chair
Jamie Jacobs
Vyta Pivo
PJ Carlino, chair
Caroline Spurry
Zach Violette
Alec Stewart
Fieldwork Committee: Rideout Fellowship, Field Schools 
Heather Barrett, chair
Jennifer Baughn
Daniel DeSousa
Catherine Morrisey
Jeff Klee, chair
Claudia Brown, treasurer
Ben Peterson, Ascensus LLC 
Vyta Pivo, chair
Emilie Johnson
Catherine Morrisey
Katie Watts 
Wei (Windy) Zhao
Andrew Sandoval-Strauss, Chair and 1st VP
Myron Stachiw
PJ Carlino
Lydia Mattice Brandt and Michael Chiarappa, Editors: Buildings & Landscapes
Marisa Gomez, VAN Editor
Vacant, Special Series Editor
Advocacy Award 
Sam Palfreyman, chair
Elaine Stiles
Ben Ross
Jeremy Ebersole
Bishir Prize

Ocean Howell, chair

William Littmann

Cynthia Falk
Buchanan Award
Philip Herrington, chair
Caroline Spurry
Marianne Hurley
Cummings Prize
Martha McNamara, chair
Alison Hoagland
C.J. Alvarez
Glassie Award
President/Exec Com/Board

Ad Hoc Committees

Mellon African American Field School

Louis Nelson, Principal Investigator

Niya Bates
James Buckley 
Claire Dempsey
Kwesi Daniels
Kim Hoagland
Carl Lounsbury
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