William Rhoads has published a monograph on Colonial Revival architect Charles S. Keefe

08 Apr 2018 11:10 AM | Christine R Henry

Charles S. Keefe was an important Colonial Revival architect of the early 20th century specializing in middle-class houses and outbuildings on upper-class estates. His designs received wide publication in professional journals and popular magazines, but since his death in 1946 he has fallen into obscurity. In CHARLES S. KEEFE (1876-1946) COLONIAL REVIVAL ARCHITECT IN KINGSTON AND NEW YORK, William Rhoads, a leading scholar of the Colonial Revival, restores Keefe to his rightful place among tradition-minded architects who were dismayed by the rise of modernism. This richly illustrated volume gives a full and colorful account of Keefe's professional and personal life.

Charles S. Keefe (1876–1946): Colonial Revival Architect in Kingston and New York, by William Bertolet Rhoads, foreword by Richard Guy Wilson, 8ʹ x 10ʹ, 266 pages, 133 illustrations (color and B&W), trade paper: isbn 9781883789893, cloth: isbn 9781883789909

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