Matt Lasner and Marta Gutman help launch PLATFORM

31 Oct 2019 1:30 AM | Christine R Henry

Matt Lasner and Marta Gutman, along with Swati Chattopadhyay and Zeynep Kezer, have launched PLATFORM, a digital forum for conversations about buildings, spaces, and landscapes.

PLATFORM is a new open digital venue  for exchanging ideas about working with, researching, teaching, and writing about buildings, spaces, and landscapes. PLATFORM publishes timely short-form essays and digital content that engage with contemporary culture and politics. It is not a journal, it is a not a book, there is no print version. It is a moderated platform for speaking to diverse audiences, for thinking critically, and for taking a stand. PLATFORM is broad in perspective and interdisciplinary in orientation. We invite contributors from the Global North and South and from across professions and disciplines. We are not a closed or finite group. Unsolicited work is welcome. We value the diversity of opinions about how we view, read, experience, and engage with the built landscape.

Several VAF members have published in PLATFORM, including an article by Michael Allen on "Mass Housing Legacies: Former Yugoslavia Teaches the Enduring United States" an essay by Noah Allison on "Little Arabia: A Southern California Ethnoanchor" and an piece by Carla Yanni on the "From Bunk Beds to Lazy Rivers: The Rise of the Luxury College Residence Hall."

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