Architectural History Defined: Celebrating the Scholarship of Dell Upton April 13-14, 2018

17 Jan 2018 11:20 AM | Christine R Henry

Architectural History Defined: Celebrating the Scholarship of Dell Upton
April 13-14, 2018,Spitzer School of Architecture, The City College of New York

This is a symposium honoring the scholarship and teaching of Dell Upton, chair the UCLA Department of Art History.  There will be several panels addressing aspects and themes of Upton’s work, including those on Race, Class, and ethnicity, as well as preservation, public history and activism.   

Dell Upton, an award-winning historian of architecture, cultural landscapes, and cities, currently chairs the UCLA Department of Art History. Professor Upton, a pioneer in linking social and architectural history, focuses both on the United States and the global scene, and has had a longstanding interest in the history of African American architecture and material culture. His books include What Can and Can’t Be Said (2015), Another City (2008), Architecture in the United States (1998), and Holy Things and Profane (1986).

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