Call for Editors of Buildings & Landscapes Journal

08 Apr 2020 10:00 AM | Christine R Henry

The Vernacular Architecture Forum (VAF) solicits letters of interest from scholars seeking to serve its peer-reviewed journal Buildings & Landscapes. The journal currently has openings for 1) an editor and 2) a book review editor (or editors). Both are unpaid positions.

Published twice a year by University of Minnesota Press, Buildings & Landscapes is the leading source for scholarly work on the vernacular architecture of North America or areas that broaden the context of North American architecture and cultural landscapes. The journal’s contributors include historians and architectural historians, preservationists and architects, geographers, anthropologists and folklorists, and others. All share an interest in documenting, analyzing, and interpreting vernacular forms and approach the built environment as windows into human life and culture, basing their scholarship on both fieldwork and archival research.

  1. Call for an editor

The two coeditors of Buildings & Landscapes work together as equals to oversee all editorial matters regarding the journal: soliciting, selecting, vetting, and editing articles from authors; communicating with the University of Minnesota Press about the editing and production of the journal (2 issues per year); and working closely with the book review editor(s) and image editor. Editors have 4-year terms and one is replaced every 2 years so that no two editors change at once. The next co-editor will replace Carl Lounsbury (College of William and Mary) and join Lydia Mattice Brandt (University of South Carolina). 

  1. Call for a book review editor(s)

The book review editor(s) of Buildings & Landscapes select books, exhibits, or sites to review that will be of broad interest to the journal’s audience and complement the content of the journal. They choose appropriate reviewers, provide them with books (in the case of book reviews), and communicate with them throughout revisions. They coordinate with the coeditors to ensure that all deadlines with the University of Minnesota Press are met. Editors have 2-year terms, with the option of renewing for an additional term. 

To be considered for a position by the selection committee, to suggest a colleague, or to ask questions, interested parties should send letters of interest and CVs to VAF President Claire Dempsey to <> by May 1st. Applicants should be mid-career or senior scholars with proven publication records and excellent communication skills. Those with knowledge of the VAF or who have previously published in Buildings & Landscapes or Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture are especially encouraged to apply. All editors will begin their terms in summer 2020 by shadowing the current editors. 

To learn more about the journal, see the publications tab on this website.

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