Information for Paper Presenters

Presenters should submit the text of their papers to the session chair no later than APRIL 24, 2021.  

Instructions for Recording VAF Presentations Using Zoom

In addition to submitting their paper to their session chair, presenters for VAF’s 2021 Virtual Conference must pre-record their presentations by May 7, 2021.

  • Your presentation will record the audio of your voice and video of your face, along with the slides that you advance as you speak. Because you will have an opportunity to say “hi” and introduce yourself live on the day of the Virtual Conference, before your recording is played by the host of your session, your recording should only contain the content of your presentation.
  • Your final presentation recording must be 20 minutes (10 minutes if you are in the Works-in-Progress session) in length or less. Precise timing will help ensure that the day remains on schedule and everyone has opportunity for presentation and response.
  • You must record using the Zoom platform. This will allow a consistent quality and “look” to the presentations across the conference. Before recording, you should use other software to create and edit your slide presentation (e.g., PowerPoint). After recording, Zoom converts your recording into an MP4 file.

To Record Your Presentation (Note Hyperlinks):

Prepare your slides in the software of your choice, as you normally would for a VAF conference presentation (e.g., Keynote or PowerPoint).

  • Required: on your first slide, include your name, title of the presentation, and your affiliation (if desired/applicable)
  • Optional: on your last slide, include your name and email address so registrants can get in touch with you to discuss your work or ask questions
  • Optional: If you are concerned about the integrity of your intellectual property, consider:
    • placing a transparent watermark on your images
    • beginning your presentation with a disclaimer on the first slide. It could be some version of this: “Conference papers/presentations may not be shared on social media, photographed, recorded, or otherwise disseminated unless the speaker otherwise specifies. All presentations are assumed to be off the record. Attendees are expected to respect this policy and act accordingly.”
    • putting your name or a copyright footer on the bottom of each slide (example: Claire Dempsey © 2021. All Rights Reserved.)

Prepare to record your presentation.

  • Read through your paper while advancing your slides to ensure that your final product will be no longer than 20 minutes, or 10 minutes if you are in the Works-in-Progress session.
  • Use a microphone to test your audio before recording. Consider using an external microphone (not built into your laptop) to ensure quality.
  • Test your video camera to ensure that you are happy with everything visible behind you.  Be aware that your background will be visible throughout your presentation. 
  • Choose a location that is quiet and free of audio and visual distractions. 

Record your presentation on Zoom.

  • Download the free desktop Zoom application.
  • Create an account and log into Zoom with any email address.
  • Open the Zoom desktop application and start a new meeting. Only you will be in this meeting.
  • Make sure your audio and video are turned on in Zoom.
  • Make sure your slide presentation (e.g., PowerPoint) is open in a window on your screen.
  • In Zoom, share your screen, selecting your slide presentation as the window to be shared. On your screen you will now see your slide presentation as well as a smaller box with live video of you in the upper right-hand corner.  
  • Put your slide presentation in “slide show” mode to fill the screen.  Because this minimizes the menu along the top edge of your screen, touch your cursor there to make the entire Zoom menu, including a drop-down menu, appear. In the drop-down menu hit the RECORD button. If asked, hit ON THIS COMPUTER to save the presentation locally (on your hard drive). If you are not asked, this will happen automatically.
  • Start speaking and advancing your slides. Once you have finished, hit STOP RECORDING or STOP SHARING, then “End” the Zoom meeting. 
  • Zoom will now process and compress your presentation into an MP4 video file and save it on your hard drive in a subfolder “Zoom” in your Documents folder
  • Open the MP4 recording and make sure that your audio and visual is clear and that your presentation is 20 minutes or less. If it is longer than 20 minutes (10 minutes if you are in the Works-in-Progress session), please edit your paper and re-record. You will be required to resubmit your presentation if it is too long.

If you are new to this process, you may first want to experiment by making one or two recordings of a few minutes of your presentation before recording it in its entirety. For step-by-step instructions on recording on a PowerPoint on Zoom, find a video here.

Rename and upload your file by 11:59 PM on MAY 7, 2021.

    • The link to the Google drive is in the Word document that you received with your acceptance email.
    • Rename your MP4 recording according to the following format (example: 1_Dempsey.mp4)
    • Order of presentation in session: find this information on the Schedule on the VAF Website.
    • Last name

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