2023 Call for Nominations

The Vernacular Architecture Forum will be seeking nominations for the 2023 Paul E. Buchanan Prize soon.

The Vernacular Architecture Forum seeks nominations for the Paul E. Buchanan Prize. Send your entries to Buchanan Prize or if you know of a project that appears to qualify, please encourage an application or send us the contact information.

Exceptional projects that set new standards or model innovative practices, completed in the last two years, are eligible for consideration and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Architectural Recording Projects (including HABS/HAER/HALS)
  • Historic Structures Reports
  • Cultural Resource Surveys
  • Historic Designation Studies (including National Register and National Historic Landmark, or the equivalent)
  • Preservation or Conservation Plans
  • Restoration or Rehabilitation Projects that express the significance of the resource or illustrate novel ways the resource has been preserved
  • Furnishing Plans and Installations
  • Exhibits and Other Temporary Installations
  • Permanent Museum Exhibits
  • Visual Arts Presentations (e.g. drawing, painting, photography, 3-D media)
  • Film and Video Presentations
  • Computer Applications and Modeling
  • Educational and Interpretive Programs
  • Symposia, Conferences, and Public Events
  • Websites
  • Other Projects or Programs that contribute to the study and preservation of vernacular architecture or cultural landscapes

Nomination materials must include the following:

  • Cover letter that includes the name of the project, the date of completion, authors or participants, purpose of the project, the significance of the resource(s), the person(s) submitting the nomination, and an explanation of how the project sets new standards or models innovative practices or otherwise contributes to the study and preservation of vernacular architecture or cultural landscapes
  • Electronic copy of the project to be considered

Submit nomination materials electronically in pdf format to buchananaward@vafweb.org. (Please, no links) Files should be no larger than 15 MB, but please contact the committee if other formats and/or sizes are needed so we may make alternate arrangements.


Buchanan Prize Committee

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