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CFP: The Global and the Local in Vernacular Architecture Studies

13 May 2016 12:58 PM | Amber Wiley

Seeking submissions for VAF sponsored panel to be held at Society of Architectural Historians annual meeting, Glasgow, Scotland, June 7-11, 2017. DEADLINE:  June 6, 2016

The Global and the Local in Vernacular Architecture Studies

This Vernacular Architecture Forum-sponsored session invites architectural historians to explore the practical and ethical dimensions of studying vernacular architecture in a global context. How does a broader geographical field challenge and test professional practices and assumptions? Since the 1980s, scholars of the vernacular have developed sophisticated methods and theories that govern their work. From an early emphasis on agricultural landscapes, local culture, and fieldwork, to today’s digital recording and interpretation of real and virtual places, students of vernacular architecture have emphasized method and practice, especially the practice of field documentation. 

“Vernacular” has long been associated with a world history of architecture. Articles in Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review and in the VAF’s Buildings & Landscapes increasingly display the widening extent of vernacular architecture studies across the globe. The Glasgow meeting presents an excellent opportunity to gather resources and think about the future of vernacular architecture studies. 

We invite scholars of vernacular buildings and landscapes from around the world to submit proposals that address questions such as: What are the ethics of field documentation? How should scholars of the built environment engage with communities where there is a power differential? Should we encourage Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight? Are national borders relevant? How do we ensure that our research is systematic and comparative? How can we find evidence that challenges pre-determined claims? What do vernacular methods teach scholars of world architecture in general? We welcome comparative approaches to vernacular architecture across time and place, and encourage proposals from members of other vernacular architecture-based professional associations around the world. In addition to this panel, a VAF-sponsored conference tour will explore local Scottish vernacular architecture.

Session Chairs: Louis Nelson, University of Virginia, and Gretchen Townsend Buggeln, Valparaiso University

Using guidelines below, please submit abstract online through the SAH website: https://sah.conference-services.net/authorlogin.asp?conferenceID=5058&language=en-uk

Submission Guidelines:

1  Abstracts must be under 300 words.

2  The title cannot exceed 65 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

3  Abstracts and titles must follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

4  Only one abstract per conference by author or co-author may be submitted.

A maximum of two (2) authors per abstract will be accepted

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